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Ally gives Talent Acquisition Executives and Human Resource Departments the gift of  time

We do this by providing you a highly-trained, dedicated and affordable analyst who delivers exceptionally high quality candidate research and talent analytics

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The problem

In large corporations, Talent Acquisition Executives and Human Resources Departments know the frustration of time-consuming and deadline-driven talent acquisition workloads.

In a candidate-driven market, the pressure of high numbers of open vacancies and tight deadlines, is intense.

This can lead to disappointed clients, delays in hiring timelines and missed opportunities.

The solution

Ally assigns an analyst to you, exclusively. Your analyst will develop a deep understanding of your ways of working and your organisation.

Just try it and judge for yourself:

  • Candidate Research – Long Lists, Market Maps and LIVE Graphic Market Maps
  • Talent Analytics – Find out who is leaving and joining, from where and why

This speeds up and adds quality to the recruitment process, materially increasing internal client satisfaction.

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The Outcome

Working with Ally means you can:

  • Hire great people, faster
  • Achieve your TA targets
  • Significantly increase client satisfaction
  • Focus more on premium roles


Pierre Berkmann, Senior Vice President Group HR, GN Store Nord

“Scalable, flexible and transcends geographical boundaries . . . an integral part of our team.”

Meet our client, Pierre Berkmann, Senior Vice President of Group HR for GN Store Nord, a rapidly growing listed company based in Denmark with a global staff of 7,500. In this video, Pierre talks about his experience of working with Ally Talent Research and how we have helped his team overcome talent attraction challenges, as well as increase both client and staff satisfaction.

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About Ally

Quality, courage and curiosity are our values at Ally and it’s what sets us apart. We live these characteristics and it shows: in our culture, the trust our customers have in us and our success.

With over 25 years’ experience of serving the investment banking community and the search/recruitment community, our management team is seasoned in delivering quality. Serving all geographies and sectors, we source and provide only the most relevant data for your brief.


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As proof of our promise, we offer a completely FREE 21-day discovery period where you gain full access to our service. This means you have the support of a team lead and a dedicated Ally analyst carrying out candidate research and talent analytics for you:

Eight hours a day, five days a week—for 21 days.

NO commitment. NO cost. NO catch.

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