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Talent Acquisition Executives and HR departments know that candidate research is all about process, accuracy and insights. This takes perseverance, commitment and, most of all—time.

With Ally, you get the gift of time.

We do the heavy lifting of candidate research for you so you can do what you do best, freeing you up to find the best people for your clients ahead of your competitors, close briefs more quickly and increase internal client satisfaction

We do this through four core services:

  • Long Lists
  • Market Maps
  • Talent Analytics 
  • LIVE Graphic Market Maps 

Ally Long List

Your Ally specialist will create an exceptionally high quality long list of potential candidates based on a stringent brief.

This can be delivered via Excel or over a project on LinkedIn, whatever format or workflow that is appropriate for you. Any industry, any geography.

Person using a laptop

Ally Market Maps

A straightforward Excel spreadsheet detailing the current market for your sector.


Ally Talent Analytics

Ally Talent Analytics provides you with a historical and continuously updated analytical review of movement to and from your organisation.

This analysis is coded by multiple criteria, such as company, country, ethnicity, gender and department and can be linked to employee HR records, such as appraisals and development investment.

This gives you near-time, key insights into understanding why staff join, stay or leave an organisation.


Ally LIVE Graphic Market Map

Ally’s LIVE Graphic Market Maps provide instant, relevant talent pools—updated every day in a powerful hierarchical format in your own corporate branding.

At a glance, you’ll have instant access to high-value candidates, immediately gaining a 1 to 2 week head start over your competitors. What’s more, the research your Ally delivers is completely confidential and exclusive to you.

  • Immediately accessible high-quality candidate pools
  • Gain a 1-2 week competitive advantage
  • Break new markets
  • Potentially two days of your work week back

Try Ally for free

As proof of our promise, we offer a completely FREE discovery month, where you gain full access to our service. This means you have the support of a team lead and a dedicated Ally analyst carrying out candidate research and talent analytics for you:

Eight hours a day, five days a week—for an entire month.

NO commitment. NO cost. NO catch.

Book your discovery month here or email us at to find out more.